The Virgin Suicides

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Every era is different from the one that follows after, each one creating its own impact on the society. Each and every person have their own perspective on what the 90’s was like; some remember that it was a time where people were fervent about their passions while others had an aversion to all of the change that was occurring around them. The 1990’s was the era that changed the rules and social standings of the minority creating a new way of life. In order to gain insight on the youth of America during the 1990’s one must examine how the different types of pop culture had an effect on their daily lives. Music, movies and advertisements of the 1990’s influenced teens in that it made them at the time realize that they wanted to live by …show more content…
During the reading of The Virgin Suicides, the novel amalgamated the young and rebellious teens to 90’s society and how it impacted the Lisbon girls’ decision. The author expatiates on the rebelliousness of a particular sister who went against all consensus, “Lux’s brief unions were clandestine” (Eugenides). This sister was known to be rebellious because of not being able to go out and to what all the average teens were doing at her age. This idea that the author wrote about is similar to having the freedom to speak how one feels and also being able to take action in what an individual believes in without have the consensus of their parents. Rebelling in the 90’s was a way teens found themselves and also how some of the teens found new groups that related more so to the way they viewed society at the time. Too much restriction in an adolescent’s life can lead to suicide, depression and poor decision making. While other’s rebel to seek the attention of the people around them but mostly from the parents, which during the 1990’s it was common for both parents to have a job to support the family but it also affected the child’s life who felt that the parents worked so much because the child was a hindrance which wasn’t true at all. Another statement from the novel The Virgin Suicides where the author provides viable information on how, “adolescents tend to seek love where they can find it” (Eugenides). During the 90’s the youth group was exposed to the fact of not having both parents around which allowed them to do anything that they could possibly dream up, with a smaller chance of getting caught by the parents. The 1990’s was the decade where a teenager could find themselves through ways such as school, music and parties making it effortless to join in on a group that expressed one’s personality. Another way teens got the idea to rebel against the

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