Essay The Impact Of Photography On The World

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Photography Changed the World An image, in its most simple form, is produced in a dark box, with a small hole to let light in. However, the image is not permanent. In order to make the image stay, two photographers created two different processes. Louis Daguerre, who is credited with inventing photography, used a large polished sheet of copper that was sensitized by iodine vapor. Then he exposed it in a large box camera. Once the exposure was made, Daguerre developed the image in mercury fumes and stabilized it with salt water, creating what is known as the Daguerreotype. Henry-Fox Talbot used silver salt coated paper inside of his camera obscura, but only allowed the paper to be exposed for a limited time. After the exposure was created, it was fixed by chemicals. These processes shocked the world. Before, in order for someone to get an image of themselves, they had to wait for hours upon hours for a painter to paint their portrait. Now, within minutes, an image could be produced that was an exact replica. Photographs were cheaper, and quicker. The everyday person could now have an image of themselves, when before they could not afford one. Photography changed the world, has evolved itself over time and influences decisions. Everyone reacted differently when Daguerre and Talbot showed the world their processes. An Australian reporter said, “An invention has recently made public in Paris that seems more like some marvel of a fairy tale or delusion of necromancy than a…

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