The Impact of NCLB Essay

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The Impact of NCLB Norman Gary Holmes
Grand Canyon University: EDL-812 Governance and Structure in K-12 Education
February 26, 2014

Introduction As the United States strive to become a global leader in education, developing school teachers and leaders must be the first step to achieve this goal. All the work that educational leaders has put in on every level of our educational system has not rendered the results desired. Research suggest that everyday interaction between a teacher and student has a prime determinant on student achievement. Great teachers can make all the difference in the world. Teachers can inspire a student to achieves at an elevated level or a student who falls through
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Standards are transparent and publicly known criteria. Incentives are monetary or non-financial factors that will encourage any type of actions. Information is apparent definitions of output data and outcomes combined with accurate data on performance. The information is collected on a regular basis or intervals which enables sanctions to be imposed when specified standards are not met. Holding teachers and staff accountable in their positions means everyone is answerable for outcomes and consequences and sanctions can be imposed (Lewis & Pattersson, 2009).

External Stakeholders The United States education system finds itself in a situation where it cannot find a solution on how to educate its students. As the United States government attempted to find ways to regulate states, more and more principals found themselves as managers for the federal government. NCLB policy regulate schools all the way down to the moment students take the test. The sanctions that are imposed on schools and districts because they fail are severe. Some school districts are reconstituted because their inability to meet acceptable academic levels based on the legislation. There are many external stakeholders that play a major role when implementing a culture like the state educational agency. In Texas this agency is called The Texas Educational Agency (TEA). This organization set the rules and mandates for all the districts around the states. Their job is to make sure

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