The Impact Of Globalization: The End Of The Cold War

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The end of the Cold War brings significant change to the world as a whole, particularly the nation states directly involved. Society’s vision of war and associated costs begins to shift. Advancements in technology, which are shrinking borders and rapidly connecting cultures, spread across nations. The advent of globalization begins fostering wealth and innovation throughout many states. One superpower emerges ahead of the rest, dominating markets and politics. With significant transformation in the world, industrialized war between major powers is no longer a strategic option and becomes dormant, remaining so for generations to come.
Age of Industrial War
Nations grow rapidly as the industrial revolution takes hold of the world.
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bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki shows the nations beyond a doubt that industrial warfare is more dangerous than ever imagined and not worth the cost to achieve the ends. This does not stop the rebuilding of industrial frameworks, as the Cold War took grips upon the world. Though, it does temper and shape the direction of future efforts moving in a more service oriented economy. Yet, the nations build their treasures of nuclear weapons. This guarantees that mutually assured destruction becomes the platform all states will consider as they conduct international relations and evaluate their nations …show more content…
Revolution is on the rise, new states fill in where the Soviet Union was and others seek their freedom from colonial oppression. Democratic nations seek to develop further free trade and support countries, or groups, that wish to find their freedom. Not all nations support the rise of globally connected nation states, creating more conflicts around the globe. These are supported by previous industrial warring states and traditionalist who feel their way of life threatened. A significant change in politics, the challenge in gaining national support in total war, as well as the investment of smaller more mobile and advanced military capability appears. Will this be the new face of

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