Essay on The Impact Of Environmental Law On Canada

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Q4.1: (a) Does Boyd consider Canada to be a leader in environmental protection, or a laggard? (b) Why does he suggest that this should be surprising? (c) State briefly in your own words two weaknesses of environmental law in Canada. (d) What might an ultimate cause of these weaknesses?

Answer: (a) Boyd does consider Canada to be a laggard in environmental protection with all the potential to be a leader. Canada’s environmental record is compared to 28 other industrialized nations, with performance tracked for over two decades. Using 5 indicators in 10 broad categories, overall Canada is amongst the 3 worst countries with one of the dirties economies in the industrialized world.
(b) He suggests that Canada being ‘laggard’ is rather surprising given Canada is one of the wealthiest nation in terms of natural capital and people of Canada define themselves in terms of natural heritage like the national flag, provincial flags, currency etc. that reflect Canadian landscapes and wildlife. In addition, majority of Canadians believe in environmental protection and several public polls testify that Canadian care for environment and proud their wildlife and nature
(c) The two key points highlighted in the readings as weakness of environmental law in Canada are:
1. Canada is missing basic environmental law and the existing laws are plagued by excessive discretion and coordination among federal and provincial governments. The existing environmental laws are based on poor legal and…

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