The Impact Of Agriculture On Biodiversity Essay

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The Impact of Agriculture on Biodiversity


In recent years there is an increasing awareness that biodiversity is essential to agriculture and security of food, and it is an important factor in environmental conservation, however, the agriculture development might threaten biodiversity. (Thrupp, 2000)

Agriculture occupies notable percentage of land and land management. It is estimated that 38% of the worldwide land is used for agricultural activities (FAO, 2004).

1. Agriculture Activities and Effects on Land:

With the progress of agriculture and the increasing demands of food, a conflict between agriculture and biodiversity is possible (Thrupp, 2000).
Many agricultural activities, for example, drainage, cultivation, grazing and the wide use of fertilizers and insecticides have extensive effects on countless species of plants and animals (McLaughlin & Mineau, 1995).

1.1 The Impact of Agricultural Practices on Soil:

The intensive use of agricultural practices has a negative influence on soil quality and soil productivity (Lal, 2001). Moreover, Lal (2001) stated that the enhanced soil erosion by agriculture has many undesirable environmental impacts and will subsequently reduce crop production.
In addition, degraded soil and accelerated erosion in particular will affect water quality and the release radiatively active gases to the atmosphere (type of gases with the ability of absorbing arriving solar…

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