The Immortality Of The Soul Essay

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Immortality of the Soul To start on somewhat a sinister note, all of us will surely die. Despite our differences in gender, status or beliefs, we all share one thing in common, an inevitable death. Our existence will one day cease. Owing to this, a disturbing question that has baffled philosophers for centuries is not really death. Rather, it is whether there is a soul that transcends the death of the body. The immortality of the soul. In seeking to shade some light on this question, the views of Plato, Aristotle and Augustine on the soul’s immortality provides some insightful theoretical explanations. For a hors d 'oeuvre, these three philosophers believed in dualism. Simply put, dualism is the credence that existence or reality is a twofold mystery. With respect to humanity, the two parts are recognized as the soul and the body. The focus of this paper is on the immortality of the soul. Speaking of the human soul, dualists regard it as a real matter that subsists autonomously from the body. Contrary to the human body which is subject to decomposing, the soul is free from natural laws. Most dualists believe that the soul is what distinguishes us from animals. They see it as the core of human conscience comprising of the will, intellect and emotion. Plato presents his account of the soul’s immortality through his dialogue in the Phaedo. He manages to do this through his famous argument known as the final argument. It is so named because it springs from the final of his…

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