The Idea Of Gender And Gender Roles Essay

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The idea of gender and gender roles in society are shaped by many factors. Biologically, your gender is defined at birth. However, society has expanded gender to be more than just female and male and can be changed based on personal preference. However, this shift in cultural belief has not significantly changed gender roles. Gender roles are roughly defined as a set of societal norms that shape behavior and expectations. For women, feminine roles have been associated with nurturing. For men, masculine roles have been associated with strength. Gender socialization begins at birth and continues through the influences of family, education, social groups, and media. I grew up in a family of four: My mom, myself, Aaron, and Mark. My mom was a single parent and I had two younger brothers. Aaron is a year younger than me and Mark is five years younger than Aaron. We grew up in traditional roles. This is easily demonstrated by the type of chores we were responsible for. As a girl, I was in charge of the kitchen, which included: washing and drying dishes, sweeping and mopping. My brothers were in charge of all the handy work that was required around the house. They were also responsible for mowing the yard and taking out the trash. As toddlers, we were given gender specific toys. I played with dolls, while my brothers played with cars. However, my mom never corrected us when we played with toys that were not gender appropriate. Often times, I would play with my brothers and they…

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