The Hypodermic Needle Model Essay examples

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he campaign for civil rights of African Americans not only started in 1955, but in that decade became a dominant force achieving its objectives centuries ago.
These events were made possible thanks to the stimulus-response communication. The mass was persuaded with great success but also has failed in other details, especially the last period when he had lost control of the situation, from a peaceful campaign to violent terms. The characteristics of the audience were generally similar, in this case a community of black men fighting for their rights as provided for the constitution of their country. They were mostly descendants of slaves, so loaded with very strong stigmas of several generations and with great psychological burden. The scheme of cause and effect of the hypodermic needle model had good impact, since on several occasions had achieved the objectives, campaigns persisted over time it was intensive and its coverage extended from the US to the world. Until today its success is highly valued, was promoted by institutions and authorities of great power and their arguments were sold to their own public and also-to the white community. These campaigns are mostly conducted under the directa.5 action As for the message, its structure was properly addressed in the beginning, generating confidence in their leaders and organizations, which had historical arguments to refer to the issue presented, trying to put his audience in favor of civil rights and establishing an…

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