The Hunger Games By Suzanne Collin Essay

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Imagine being trapped with 23 other people in an unknown location. The only way out is to fight until death, for only one person can win. This is reality for the characters living in a dystopian society described by Suzanne Collin’s novel, The Hunger Games. The Hunger Games is a punishment given by the Capitol of Panem as a reminder of the “Dark Days” and as a warning to not to rebel against the Capitol again. The Capitol tries to exemplify their power through television and their use of technology. Gamemakers torture the tributes in the Games using their computer programs while televising the event to show off their “great abilities.” Furthermore, the Gamemakers use propaganda in an attempt to manipulate the citizen’s minds. Using the Capitol of Panem as an example from The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins shows how mass media and technology can have cynical motives and overpower a society.

Throughout the novel, Collins describes the authority and power the mass media and technology have on the districts of Panem. The Capitol, in a sense, has a selfish mindset in that they never induce their power without any objectivity. For instance, the Capitol takes children, as young as 12, and forces them to kill each other while the citizens of Panem watch (Collins 19). The Games show the power and control President Snow has on the people of Panem, especially through the televised Games. The Capitol uses television as a messenger; it notifies the citizens of how they should…

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