The Human Psyche : Its Elements And Interactions Essay

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In his Civilization and Its Discontent, Freud deciphers the human psyche - its elements and interactions. Furthermore, Freud concocts a framework that explains how these forces are connected to the groundwork for the creation of “civilization.” Freud states, “Civilization is a process in the service of Eros, whose purpose is to combine single human individuals, and after that families, then races, peoples and nations, into one great unity” (Freud 118). Freud creates a model where the concept of natural energy (“libido” or “Eros”) is transformed and funneled into activities that allow for the creation of civilization and thus continues the battle between the “Eros” (Life Instinct) and “Thanatos” (Death). These forces can be seen in action in The Eumenides, a Greek Tragedy where the “infantile” Furry embody nature, “Eros”, and the “libido” while Athena and Apollo embody the forces that allow civilization to be created. A fictional battle of “Eros” vs “Thanatos” in a time period where some of the initial concepts of how a modern civilization would function were being constructed and put into action.
To understand Freud’s explanation of this transformation of the “natural” into civilization, readers must break down the “forces”, as Freud labels it, that create this bonding of humans into a civilization. Freud asserts the bottom up method. This method begins from the lowest state of human thinking, infantile. Freud describes, “infantile” as a way of thinking based on natural…

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