The Human Body And Soul And The End Life Of Human Beings Essay

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To begin with, purpose has been regarded as the key to decision making, as an evolutionary adaptation, as a means of making sense out of chaos and as an individual’s ultimate goal. Purpose is the inner strength and the responsibility that a man has for his existence. Among our potentials are the ability to seek our own individual good and the ability to seek well of the society.
Many philosophers and theologians have tried to explain the ultimate purpose of life and the goals for an individual’s existence. This has led to many conclusions about the human body and soul and the end life of human beings. Aristotle and Aquinas have held that the good of society is paramount and that we should refer it to our individual good. About the self, dualists usually identify the self with the non-physical part of the human nature as Plato held that the self is the soul while John Locke said that the self is the conciseness. These disagreements have led to some philosophers arguing that there is no self. This has led many trying to identify the purpose of human life. The paper tries to explain the final purpose of human life as explained by Thomas Aquinas. It will determine the ultimate goal, beyond: all other goals that can define every individual’s existence.
The most basic question about human nature is whether there is a purpose to human life and if so, what it might be. Hindus and Buddhists see the goal of life as the liberation from suffering and cycle of death and…

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