The House Is So Beautiful And It Essay examples

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The moving truck pulled up to the curb and I suddenly felt sick to my stomach. “I can’t believe we’re moving again” I said lifting the heavy box into the moving truck. “Callie, do you ever do anything but complain?”
“I could if we stopped moving every two years” I rolled my eyes at how annoying my mom was being about this.
“Hush up and get to moving the boxes please”
It was the longest three hours of my life but finally all the boxes were moved into the large truck. One more night in this place then we move, once again. It feels like just yesterday we moved into this new house in Texas. The house is so beautiful and it has a nice view of the city, I have no idea why we have to move again. “Callie! Dinner time!” “Okay mom, I’m coming.” I shut my computer, which mom got me as a bribe to move again, placed it on my floor and headed downstairs.
Mom knew I was furious about the move so she decided to make my favorite dinner, homemade macaroni ‘n’ cheese. It made me feel a little better about this whole situation.
“Sweetheart, I am sorry about having to moving again but I got a better job offer in Michigan. I promise you’ll make new friends and learn to love it there.”
“But I just started making new friends here”
“I’m sorry hon, but this is happening whether you like it or not”
“Whatever, dad.”

*Beep Beep*
It was six o’clock in the morning. No one should be awake this early. I scrolled through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter reading all the posts people made about…

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