The Horrors And Inhumanity Displayed From Slavery Essay

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The horrors and inhumanity displayed from slavery is painful when reading actual testimony from a slave in the book titled The History of Mary Prince by Mary Prince. Her book makes the reader wonder whether a master views slaves as humans. However, when reflecting back to the overall history of slavery, it can be understood that slaves were never considered as human beings. During the period between the dawn of the Roman Empire and the end of the American Civil War, slavery was an efficient and traditional — if not cruel — method to produce goods at low prices. The book provides the reader with many examples where slaves are actively abused by their masters, even to the point of death for some slaves. This is because slaves were punished for any reason their owners could find. The reader can discover that the masters considered slaves as nothing but property forced to do their bidding. There are many ways that Mary Prince expresses to the reader how people who owned slaves did not recognize them as people. The first example presented to the reader is when Mr. Williams sold “Mary and her sisters to raise money for his wedding” (5). This displays that, in the system of slavery, masters do not even remotely consider the inhumanity of selling another person. It can be learned that both Mary and her sisters were considered nothing more than property to be owned, bought, or sold. The reader is shaken to the core after discovering how the auctioning men had “examined and handled…

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