Essay on The Home Is One 's Safe Haven

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In traditional settings, the home is one’s safe haven. It protects one from the surrounding world in a literal sense seeing that it provides shelter from external forces, but also figuratively since a house provides a serene place one is able to find comfort in. The house in The Fall of the House of Usher does neither. In fact, it does the complete opposite. Rather than providing comfort, it elicits fear in both the characters and the reader. The root of this fear stems from Poe’s use of the double within the story, which can be seen throughout, from the very first moment the narrator sees Roderick’s house all the way to Roderick and the house’s demise. Chandler states, "Doubling effects multiply throughout the story until everything becomes an analog or image of everything else..." (50). This means that since so many doubles exist within the story that as the story builds upon itself and nears the climax, the story begins to piece together. The reader is able to draw conclusions, and make connections between each part of the double and their metaphorical relationships. All of those doubles, then, virtually become doubles of each other, and, thus, become one big double in itself of everything else.
The characters in the story as well as the house demonstrate Chandler’s theory. It can be said that Roderick and Madeline, and the house and the narrator are mirror images of one another, in both the literal sense and figurative sense. Roderick and Madeline are twins; therefore,…

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