Essay on The Heroes Of William Shakespeare 's ' Oedipus The King '

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Heroes of Old

In “Oedipus the King” the character from which the play receives its name, Oedipus, is seen as a great hero of the people. He possesses traits which are commonly associated with those of a hero. He is powerful and virtuous but like any other human he has his downfalls.

Oedipus is a very intelligent being, he knows this as he is the only one who was able to solve the riddle of the Sphinx and save Thebes from it. Even his name suggest how intelligent a person he may be as the word Oidai in Greek means I know. This may be a representation of the fact that Oedipus is arrogant and believes himself to be smarter than everyone else or it could show that Oedipus is comprehensive and advanced and truly does know things others do not. Oedipus being a great and knowledgeable person, is also constantly seeking the advance of knowledge throughout the plays.

Oedipus is seen throughout the play as someone who is constantly seeking knowledge even that which he should not have. He is seen multiple times wanting knowledge he should not possess such as the knowledge of the prophecy that tells of his horrible fate and the

things he has done to his father, Laius, and what he has done with his mother, Jocasta. Tiresias tells him he should not know this information, but he does not care and relentlessly hounds Tiresias for the knowledge he should not possess. In the end it is knowledge which is his ruin, as knowing what he has done to the king’s…

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