The Hebrews, James And 1 Peter Essay

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The book of the Hebrews, James and 1 Peter, these general’s wrote about the life that Christian faced, in the Roman Empire , they reflect on how to survive during persecution, whereas, the Hebrew Christians were taught to persevere in their persecution. James taught the poor Christians to stay faithful, no matter how much the rich and powerful continue to abuse them. Peter wanted the Christians to rejoice under persecution, not to lose faith in God. Although the hostile society of the church of the Christian Hebrews was persecuted by their own fellow citizen by harsh words and conflicts nevertheless the Hebrew writer gave advice not to commit sin. Peter, and the Christians were sojourners in a foreign land although they had tension and ambition to be dependent on the Lord Jesus Christ whereas, they fear if they walk in the ways of God they would causes conflict on their life. In another situation, the followers of James, had conflict and jealousy within the church. Some specific of society taken during the epistle of James, were belief and conflicts in the church, which reflected on how people felt about God. The Christian Hebrews perseverance and continue to have faith in God. The way the society took its action in Peter, of the church and state where for the sake of hope in society. Each individual must stand firm in their faith during persecution by exhortation and perseverance. The authors wanted the saints to follow God’s laws and keep the faith, and not follow,…

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