The Healthy Hunger Free Kids Essay

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All parent wants whats best for their children. One major area is the heath and well being of their children. In 2010 Michelle Obama passed the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act, in attempt to stop obesity and hunger in kids across America(). Fast forward to 2015 the plan has had five years to start seeing change, it seems to be going backwards and making things worse. The Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act is a legislation that was passed in 2010. It authorizes funding and sets a policy for USDA 's core child nutrition programs, like school lunches for example(). Michelle Obama was the leading advocate of the program. As First Lady of the country, she fought to bring healthy eating habits into the schools nationwide. By using the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act as a platform, Michelle Obama pushed to achieve five main goals: creating a healthy start for children, informing parents and caregivers as to how they should feed their children, providing healthy food for school meals, improving access to healthy and affordable foods, and increasing physical activity in children. According to over 40% of children in America are obese. With this number one third of all children born 2000 or later will suffer from diabetes at some point in their lives(). The website continues on to explain why so many children are overweight. It makes its stance by comparing the lives people lived thirty years ago to the lives that are lived now, the points that are made are defiantly valid.

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