The Health History Project Essay

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Nicole Arango
Required Uniform Assignment
The Health History Project
Health Assessment: NR302
February 7, 2016

1. Biographic Data
Name Todd Matthew Riddick
Phone 609-577-9068
Address 8264 SW 179th Terrace, Palmetto Bay, FL 33157
Birthdate February 28th, 1972 Birthplace Trenton, NJ
Age 43 Gender Male Marital Status Divorced
Occupation Radiology Technologist Employer Baptist Hospital of Miami
Race/ethnic origin Black

2. Sources and Reliability
Client arrived to appointment alone. Client claims to be woken by his own snoring on occasion. Client’s girlfriend scheduled the appointment due to annual checkup. Client claims that he is
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Client was admitted to Doctors Hospital in Miami, May 2013, client was hospitalized for 2 days following a reconstructive shoulder surgery on the left surgery

Immunizations and dates of last exam
Upon being hired at Baptist Hospital of Miami on October of 2010, blood work showed patient had current vaccinations of Hepatitis B, MMR, Tetanus, and Varicella. Client receives yearly PPD Skin Tests, and yearly flu shot vaccinations. Clients most recent visit to PCP was in January 2015

Allergies Reaction to food or medications
Client denies having food or medication allergies

Current medications
Client currently takes 10mg of Lisinopril “daily” as a blood pressure preventative.

6. Family History—Specify Which Relative(s)
Heart disease Paternal side of family
High blood pressure Father was hypertensive
Stroke Paternal Grandfather suffered form stroke
Diabetes Paternal grandparents diagnosed with diabetes. Older sister recently diagnosed as pre-diabetic.
Cancer History Mother passed away from lymphoma and Myelodysplastic
Allergies No
Asthma No
Obesity No
Alcoholism or drug addiction father suffered from alcoholism
Mental illness younger brother diagnosed with Dandy-Walker Malformation and Hydrocephalus from birth
Suicide No
Seizure disorder younger brother Suffers from seizures without the aid of medications. With medications seizures are controlled.
Kidney disease Renal failure on

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