The Health Care Delivery Model Essay

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Since the beginning of time Health Care in America has been a revolving industry. Once a simplistic model, evolving into a complex ever changing industry. These changes were driven by historical events that consistently impacted drastic changes in the health care delivery model. In the creation of hospitals and integrated health care systems organizations continue to change models to reflect more efficient patient care delivery models. Different countries built different foundations of health care models which drive different outcomes both being successful and non-successful base on the standard measured. Throughout the historical development of hospitals and countries medical care enhanced based on historical events, competitive care differences in country care delivery models as demonstrated between the U.S. and Germany; ever evolving into an effective integrated care model. The initial platform for health care was formed as a charitable contribution to the fortunate population. These public health houses were usually formed by religious personnel to service the population, and or be delivered in the home for wealthy who could afford the services. One of the first hospitals founded was Pennsylvania Hospital, in Philadelphia, in 1752. (Zinner, 2008). This hospital founded by Dr. Thomas Bond and Benjamin Franklin with the intention to deliver care to the sick and mentally insane who were wondering the streets of Philadelphia. (Penn Medicine 2015) The surrounding…

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