The Handmaid 's Tale : The Most Important Means Of Communication

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Mr. Milliner

In The Handmaid 's Tale, language is the most important means of communication in the novel. Margaret Atwood creates a world (Gilead) that is all about stripping women 's freedom. It talks about a feminist issue where the identity of a woman has been tore down. She uses language as a form of power. The book is mainly about a society where women are not free. The book is written from a woman 's point of view who was living in Gilead experiencing restrictions in the society. Their freedom has been taken from them. They have no control over their lives or individuality. The society in the book is very controlled and they run on a system where each woman plays a different role in the society. The bible is also a major key in how they run their society because they believe in traditional values. Language is limited and they are not allowed to use any words regarding freedom. The use of language shows how important it is by demonstrating how much control it has over Gilead 's society.
Gilead 's society tries to take advantage of the biblical and religious values to establish rules that are considered “acceptable” in the society. For instance there was a quote retaining to how the bible and language controls the society by making them fear those who are above them. “The Angels stood outside [what] with their backs to us. They were objects of fear to us, but of something else as well. If only they would look. If only we…

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