The Group Theory Is A Critical Theory Essay

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Muted Group Theory is a critical theory that concerns many groups of people who remain powerless compared to those who are dominant in one’s culture. It would seem that in this theory most cultures involve a certain group over powers another and dominates and controls how the other group speaks or communicates. In the Muted Group Theory there are many assumptions that involve how women and minority group voices are being subdued and silence due to their cultures. In my opinion I believe that there are only four assumptions that would cause the voices of women and minority groups to be subdued and silenced in their cultures. One assumption would be, “Accepted language practices have been constructed primarily by men in order to express their experiences. This means that women are constrained (muted).” (Kramarae pg 55) This assumption does not only affect just women but also other minority groups as well. Men, in most culture, seem to have the most dominant trait when it comes to communication throughout history. They have to take over control of public means of expression, which allows them to have the sense of power over any other group such as women or other minority groups. As stated in Cheris Kramarae’s Journal entry, “The theory further suggests that an important way that group maintains its dominance is by stifling and belittling the speech and ideas of those they label as outside the privileged circle.” (Kramarae pg. 55) This mean since the men have power over women…

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