Essay about The Greatest Gifts On Earth

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Stop what you 're doing! Now, that I have your attention, I see that you’re reading this or at least listening to this. Did you notice you automatically read something without even thinking about it? Well, let me tell you this, imagine you can’t see, hear, smell, touch or even taste? Things would be different, that’s for sure. While most people go on with life without realizing they have one of the greatest gifts on Earth. With millions of people disabled, we need to realize how important our senses are for our everyday life. Our senses are our needs for learning, exploring, and understanding. Even for our survival. Think about it, how would you be reading this now without your sight? Exactly. You wouldn’t.
Since the beginning of time, we’ve been using our senses for needs of survival. Early humans used them for hunting and gathering. They used them for safety against predators. So our senses actually one of them reasons why we’re here. Evolution probably would not have happened without them. Just by learning about that, you can see how important they are. How 5 senses could change all of humanity. They’re the reason why we’re this advanced in technology. They’re the reason why we’ve discovered new elements to the periodic table, or the reason why we’re the first ones to land on the moon. Think about it, would a chef be just as skillful if they couldn’t smell? Would a guitarist know the sound he’s playing? Or would a person be able drive if they were blind? It may be…

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