The Great Gatsby Essay

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A Cruel Monster: Daisy Buchanan F. Scott Fitzgerald had many purposes in writing his novel The Great Gatsby, such as exposing the corrupt lives that were lived during the roaring twenties, especially within the rich. The main character, Nick Carraway, spends a lot of his time with his affluent friends Daisy Buchanan and Tom Buchanan. As the novel goes on one gets a closer look to see who the characters really are. Daisy marries Tom Buchanan instead of waiting for Jay Gatsby to return from the war and as a result Gatsby decides to dedicate the rest of his life to win Daisy over. He does this by becoming as rich as Daisy’s husband Tom, if not more. She is often associated with the color white which symbolizes much more than the color of …show more content…
The letter is from Gatsby and she lets the letter fall like snow just like she lets Gatsby slowly fall away from her life. Daisy gives Gatsby a false sense of hope when she writes to him claiming that she will wait for him but in the end she got inpatient and had to find a guy to marry. This can be tied in with the white snow that is used to explain the letter falling because Daisy is not innocent here and knows all along exactly what she is doing. The fact that she does not feel bad that she broke his heart means that she is really selfish. She knowingly hurt Gatsby, who is someone she claims to care deeply about. The white snow falling can symbolize how her innocence was falling because the more she did with Tom, the more she was hurting Gatsby so she became less innocent. She let her love with Gatsby fall for selfish reasons since she lead Gatsby on just to let him down because her social status meant more to her than the feelings of someone else. Although Daisy did consider Gatsby for a while when “she wouldn’t let go of the letter”. The short syntax followed by long syntax is used to demonstrate how short of a time she would not let go of the letter before finally giving in. She considers Gatsby and what he mean to her for a while, and then reality struck her with the fact that money meant more to her and she could never fathom being with a man who was not affluent. This can connect to the idea of false sense

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