The Great Gatsby Essay

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Exploring The Many Themes Of The Great Gatsby
“The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald There are many messages authors try to send the readers when they write books, but at the end of the day, people receive different messages from the masterpiece. Author Francis Scott Fitzgerald wrote a book in 1925 which was The Great Gatsby. “Even if Scott Fitzgerald is, as someone suggested years ago, essentially a one-book author, only a prig would dispute either the stylistic beauty or the cultural importance of The Great Gatsby.”(Barbarese) Although he is arguably a one-book author, this story about a Jay Gatsby has a story to tell. This piece is about a wealthy young man named Jay Gatsby, who has everything anyone would dream of, besides
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One of the many themes that Francis Scott Fitzgerald portrays in the novel The Great Gatsby is the American Dream. The first question is what is the "American Dream"? The "American Dream" can mean many things to different people. If you’re a guy, people might dream about money, cars, girls, large houses, and so on. If you’re a woman, people might dream about money, shoes, purses, jewelry, and others items. The average American goes to school for 13 plus years of his or hers lives. Why? Is it because when they were little, mom or dad told them to get a good job that will pay them a lot of money and everything will be fine from that point on? But can the American Dream become reality or is a dream forever? Some may argue that the American Dream may only be motivation to a happy successful life. For instance, the American Dream of homeownership, one day everyone wants to own their own house. It is a dream that can become a reality with a lot of hard work and commitment. “Although the term “American Dream” was not articulated until the twentieth century (Cullen 2004), these “unalienable rights” listed in the Declaration of Independence provided inspiration for many to pursue their dreams .”( Graham) The "American Dream" for students is motivated by money, big houses, and nice cars. But for Jay Gatsby, he already had all of those things. His "American Dream" was to live the party

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