The Great Gatsby : Social Stratification Essay

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Social Stratification in The Great Gatsby Capitalism is a flawed aspect of the modern society. Humans by nature will take advantage of capitalism and prevent any hope of success. American literature reveals many of these flaws, but to find them one must apply a Marxist analysis to the reading. A Marxist analysis helps show why capitalism and the American dream will never be an adequate economic and social structure. While Fitzgerald’s work may seem to be glorifying capitalism, a Marxist criticism reveals that it actually shows capitalism’s largest flaws (Tyson 69). In The Great Gatsby, F.Scott Fitzgerald uses class differences and social stratification in order to reveal the flaws of American capitalism. One of the many flaws of capitalism is the limitation of social movement. Characters like Gatsby, despite any effort, can never achieve the same social status as characters like Tom and Daisy who are born into wealth. They see wealth as a sort of mentality, which Gatsby and others like him lack. Gatsby started out as a poor boy with hope, but finds his way after his transformation with Dan Cody. Meanwhile, Tom comes from a rich history, and it is suggested that this allows him to be raised with a knowledge of how the wealthy are supposed to behave, something Gatsby has not learned. Gatsby’s lack of understanding about this upper class is evident when the Sloanes and Tom arrive at Gatsby’s house. Mrs. Sloane invites Gatsby over to dinner and Gatsby says, “I’ll have to…

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