The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay example

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From the way one lives to the way one dresses, money seems to be a very important factor in the way people lead their lives. In Fitzgerald’s novel, The Great Gatsby, aspirations of unobtainable goals lead to unhappiness. The settings of Gatsby in West Egg, Daisy in East Egg, and Myrtle in Valley of Ashes all have different effects on the characters’ morals and values.
Scott Fitzgerald paints a picture of West Egg as a place where greed runs prevalent, which in turn shapes Jay Gatsby’s covetous personality. From the start of the novel, Gatsby throws extravagant parties in order to establish numerous social ties. Gatsby goes as far as buying a woman a new evening gown for two hundred sixty five dollars because she “tore [her] gown on a chair” at one of his parties (Fitzgerald 23). Gatsby tries to validate his presence in West Egg by displaying his newfound wealth in a manner that pleases others. Gatsby’s pursuit in selfish ambitions causes him to miss the point in building friendships and thus, result in his own abandoned funeral. Throughout Gatsby’s time at West Egg, Gatsby shrouds his pitiful past with a life full of riches and luxury. He tells Nick of the early death of his rich parents, which subsequently allowed him to inherit money and obtain an education at the University of Oxford. His immense desire to conceal his destitute past causes him to willingly lie in order to keep up with West Egg’s image of an affluent and poverty-free neighbourhood. Alas, his lies do not…

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