The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay

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In The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, Fitzgerald uses the narrator, Nick, an outsider who is befriended by his neighbor Jay Gatsby, to tell the readers of Gatsby’s life. Gatsby is a wealthy man living in West Egg who is known for his extravagant parties. As Nick gets to know Gatsby, he begins to see the loneliness that hides within Gatsby. Five years before Nick meets Gatsby, Gatsby has a love affair with a woman named Daisy. As the novel continues, it becomes clear that Gatsby is still holding onto a false sense of hope that he and Daisy will be together again. In the novel, Gatsby, Daisy, and Nick are driven by a deep desire to be happy; unfortunately, all but Nick naively chase after happiness without ever realizing what they truly want. This blind pursuit ironically leads Gatsby and Daisy to a sense of dissatisfaction and overall sadness.
Gatsby wants to be happy and believes Daisy will bring him happiness; as such, his whole life becomes dedicated to winning her back. Unfortunately, what he fails to realize is that it is not Daisy that he wants but rather what Daisy once represented to him. Throughout the novel, Gatsby’s idea of happiness is obscured causing Gatsby to hopelessly try to achieve his goal of being with Daisy. Gatsby believes that what he wants is Daisy and what he does not realize is that he wants the feeling that loving Daisy had once given him. Gatsby does not realize this, which in turn causes him to think Daisy will be the grail in his…

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