The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essays

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My encounter with plants have not been joyful in fact the experience was the complete opposite of joyful. As I reached to place a plant back, my arm caught a cactus. It was no use in removing every single needle on my cotton sweatshirt and I still managed to remove some on my arm. From that day on I decided to stay away from all plants, whether they have needles or not. Transitional Sentence. Weather plays a major role in each of the character’s mood in The Great Gatsby. At the beginning of the story, the summer of the Roaring Twenties, Nick, Tom, Daisy, and Jordan are having a grand time. As the rising action occurs between Daisy and Gatsby, it begins to rain as they reunite and after they are comfortable with each other the sun peaks from the clouds. The climax arises when Gatsby, Nick, Jordan, Tom, and Daisy travel to New York City on the hottest and most unbearable day of the summer. They leave the hotel and Daisy drives Gatsby’s vehicle which precedes to an accident and runs over Myrtle Wilson. When the first day of autumn approaches, George Wilson looks for Gatsby’s house to obtain revenge from him, but Mr. Wilson has the incorrect information. He eventually finds Gatsby’s house and murders him, and then kills himself. It begins to rain the day of Gatsby’s funeral, the only people that attending the funeral is Nick, Gatsby’s father, the minister, five servants, the postman from West Egg, and the man with the owl-eyed glasses. Many people would have showed up, but…

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