Essay about The Great Depression Of America

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The Great Depression

On October 24, 1929, “Black Thursday”, the Wall Street stock market collapsed, initiating the onset of one of America’s darkest times in history, the Great Depression. This economic downward spiral, caused banks to close, unemployment to rise, people to lose their homes, and a panic amongst the people, affecting every household, every man, women and child. There was an increase in the suicide rate, in violence, families were evicted from their homes and not to forget, people going hungry. The Great Depression was indeed a dark and devastating time in the history of United States. It was the time in history, when Hoover was President and slow in his response to the American people and to the economic turmoil in America. Actually, he caused more hardship for the people, as he raised taxes, stopped relief payments, and even had the army evict American veterans who were out of work, rallying on Washington to get their long awaited promised bonuses. The American people no longer trusted Hoover and considered his administration heartless, and in 1932, they chose Franklin D. Roosevelt as their newly elected president. America, and the hopeless and devastated state of its people, longed for the dawn of a new day, and the impact of governmental policies, the economic impact of World War II, and the recovery of America did just that. The election of President Roosevelt brought a long awaited change to America, as Roosevelt, in his desire to help the…

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