The Great Depression Of 2008 Financial Crisis Essay

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In the coming years, society will celebrate the first centennial of a new millennia, of new relevance. Throughout this century, mankind has struggled to recover from financial and political drawbacks. Fortunately, despite the struggles (such as a hopeless war) in the past, life has progressed and will continue to progress, by people who learn every-day from their mistakes and problems. Desires and ideas such as money, or morality stay relevant today in consequence of our mistakes. However, Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird (TKAM), considerably one of the greatest works of literature in history, is accepted as being still relevant today, without mistake; the question, on the other hand, is why it is relevant today. TKAM, then, resonates in contemporary society for a variety of reasons: the Great Depression of 2008 financial crisis, mainly in terms of intemperate expenditures, the War on Terror, and political affairs and tolerance shape the society described in TKAM and reality.
Harper Lee, a humble Monroeville, Alabama lawyer, published one of the loudest books, in 1960: TKAM. Born in 1926, Harper Lee survived through the Great Depression at a very young age, and has had a personal connection to those times of suffering ( This book stood as a huge contradiction to the ubiquitous beliefs of the Great Depression and racial supremacy. Taking place during the 1930’s, Lee writes about a small white family, known as the Finch family (Lee). Scout, the protagonist of…

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