The Great Depression Case Study

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What was the Great Depression?
The Great Depression was the deepest and longest-lasting economic downfall in the history of the western industrialized world.
What were 2 long term causes of the great depression? 2 of the long term causes were Industry and Agriculture, railroads lose to trucks, buses, and cars. Coal loses 50% to hydroelectric, natural gas, and oil. Farms over-produced during WW1 to face europe. 40% declined after the war.
What year did Hoover get elected, and describe the 3 things he believed in. How did it prolong the depression?
Hoover got elected in the year 1928. He believed in Rugged individualism which means that people should succeed through their own efforts and take care of their own families. He believed in Voluntary
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Evidence from docs: The chart and table in document 5 showed that the unemployment rate decreases every year from 20.6% to 9.5%.
Details: The new deal laws and programs help create jobs for other people but the government lost money, they cut hours, lowered the payments, and made less incomes.
Analysis: The new deal was a failure because after all the laws and programs that were created, all money spent to the programs. The unemployment rate was still too high and the programs easily ended.
Evidence from docs: In document 7 it says that the african-american people were treated differently because they were slaves.
Details: The new deal didn’t benefit the african-american people. FDR feared to fight them on a race question because the congress could block bills.
Analysis: It was a failure because the discrimination against blacks started and FDR didn’t loan money to black people that’s why AAA got rid of 100,000 african-american people.
Evidence from docs: In document 9 FDR said “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself’.
Details: People suppoted FDR so much the programs became
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Analysis: The new deal was a success because it gave benefits to elderly, kids, and disabled every month to sustain their needs.

Was the New Deal a success?
The new deal was a failure, because after all these bunch of laws and programs that were created, still, america is worse and it didn’t end the great depression. In the form of relief, the new deal was kind of a success because it helped the people get jobs to sustain their family’s needs for a while but that didn’t last long, every programs closed down for it’s own reasons. That’s why the New Deal was a failure.
Do you think it is the role of the U.S government to intervene like FDR did, or do you believe that Hoover’s response was more aligned with the intent of the federal government.
I think that it is the U.S government’s job to do what FDR did. They should have tried the anything approach. Find ways to end the great depression, make america better. Instead of what Hoover did, just wait and see what is going to happen because there will be no progress if there’s no work done. The very first step is change, change all the things that’s bad and make it

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