Essay The Great Depression By Franklin D. Roosevelt

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As the expression goes in physics, what goes up must come down. This idiom holds true even in history, where the booming twenties - alive with intoxication, exuberance, and flourishing industry - fell into complete chaos just before the turn of the new decade. Beginning in 1929, the Great Depression would raise unemployment rates in America up to a record-breaking 22.9% by 1932 and would cause devastating and widespread hunger and homelessness that would span throughout America and beyond, across the world. After the first few years of the Depression, public morale was already utterly demolished and people were in desperate need for a solution to end to their suffering. With the disappointment of former president Herbert Hoover’s “rotting,” obsolete approach to the problem, that solution would ultimately manifest with the shrewd leadership and contagious optimism of Franklin D. Roosevelt, beginning as early as his first election in 1933. It was also very clear that solving this dilemma would not be a one-man job. At the inception of his presidency, Roosevelt hired several trusted appointees, including Frances Perkins, Harold Ickes, Adolphe Berle, and Henry Wallace, to run the government beside him. As observed by historian, Jason Scott Smith, “the scale of the Depression...outstripped the ability of many to comprehend what was going on,” so it was only fitting that the combined efforts of everyone affected would be required. The next step that Roosevelt would then take was…

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