The Great Depression And The Outbreak Of World War II Essays

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The Great Depression contributed to economic sufferings that led to the outbreak of World War II. The stock market crashed in the United States in October of 1929, and in turn caused the global economy to collapse. Financial instability led to the decline of production in many countries. Unemployment was widespread, and it was directly linked to the need for large-scale government spending. Many countries were negatively impacted by the depression, and in turn had various political responses that followed. These countries included: Great Britain, the United States, Germany, Italy, Japan, France, and Scandinavia.
Each country experienced different impacts from the depression, which directly impacted the political responses that would follow. Great Britain cut back on their International lending and put high tariffs in place. The United States also did this; however, they were also experiencing mass unemployment, which caused insecurity for the people. It was also the only time that more people have left the United States than those that have immigrated. Germany experienced totalitarianism of the right. Their economic prosperity was shattered, and their democratic government began to break down. Italy also begin to focus on totalitarianism, but on a smaller scale than Germany. As the government began to break down, because of the Black Shirts, a private Army that was destroying socialist places, they also experienced Mussolini 's fascist movement, seizure power, and rise of…

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