The Great Depression : A Period Of Long Term Unemployment Essay

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The Great Depression was a period of long-term unemployment, hunger, and hardship. It was the worst economic collapse in industrialized society, lasting from 1929 to 1941. North America, Europe, and other industrialized countries all suffered from this severe depression, but it affected the United States the most. Some of the many effects of this catastrophic period were the unfathomable economic disparity between the rich and poor, the changing ideals of family and social life, and organizations and people of power attempting to make positive reforms to end the suffering and increasing unemployment rate. The distinct economic separation between the minority upper class and the lower classes gave rise to increasing hostility and conflicts between the classes. While 25% of the nation’s children were malnourished in the 1930s, the wealthy continued enjoying a lavish lifestyle of expensive schools and fancy parties. In poverty-stricken areas, conditions were even worse. In the Appalachian Mountains, 90% of the children were starving. Many of the rich were oblivious to the sufferings of others. While some of the wealthy’s economic success collapsed with the stock market crash, many of the upper class remained untouched by the Great Depression. By 1929, the top 0.1% of Americans had a combined income of the bottom 42%. The reckless

Atre2 spendings of the upper class caused the American working class to despise them. While the working class was out of jobs and…

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