The Great Awakening And The American Revolution Essay

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Colonel and former president, George Washington once says, “Liberty, when it begins to take root, is a plant of rapid growth (Brainyquotes 1).” Similarly, the American Revolution’s ideal of the war being irrepressible rapidly grew. To continue with this idea, the British, or the Parliament did not see their acts towards the colonists as unlawful, and saw this to be legally justified. The causes of war due to a religious awakening, the British disrespecting the colonists such as levy taxes, no legal rights, and the British wanting too much control. The American Revolution is an irrepressible conflict. The event in America called the, Great Awakening, resulted in the colonists to realize what their cultural identity is, and the realization to become independent from the British. Leonard W. Labaree, author of The William and Mary Quarterly a Magazine of Early American History, Institutions, and Culture states:
“The Great Awakening was the first large-scale revival in the history of the American churches. It set the example for the emotional outbursts which were to characterize man later revivals in this country, and it marked the beginnings of evangelistic spirit which was destined to play an important part in subsequent growth of American Protestantism…(331).”
The Great Awakening was a religious and spiritual awakening to the American colonists. This event in this time period made the colonists, especially the Protestants to have more spiritual growth with their faith, and…

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