The Great Achievements Of The Byzantine Empire Essay

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Many people do not realize how greatly their surroundings affect their everyday lives. Their environment can ultimately hurt or help their development. Positioned on the east side of the Bosporus strait, the location of Byzantium was ideal in that it served as a point of commerce and transportation between Asia Minor and Europe (“Byzantine,” The Byzantine Empire, later in their history also managed to maintain control of the borders of the Mediterranean Sea, but a lack of natural protective geographical features which would protect the Empire from foreign invasions had a major impact on their history and ultimately led to their downfall in their later years. Among the greatest achievements of the Byzantine Empire was their ability to reconquer land surrounding the Mediterranean Sea. Shortly after the fall of the Roman Empire, Emperor Justinian the Great rose to power. During his time of power, his vision was to revitalize the Empire to its previous state, one with an overwhelming amount of power and a plethora of wealth. At the climax of Justinian’s rule, the Empire grasps now spanned most surrounding land of the Mediterranean Sea, parts of the fallen Western Roman Empire, and even North Africa. In his honor, he also had multiple monuments representing the Empire built, including the Christian church, Hagia Sophia (“Byzantine,” Another aspect of society implemented by Justinian was the establishment of a set of laws named Justinian’s code. This…

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