The Good, The Bad, And The Evil Essay

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The Good, The Bad, and The Evil: A Look at the Word Today
In the beginning of modern civilization, there was a concern that the world would become more violent; however, Steven Pinker sheds a new light on the fact that violence is actually declining. Over many centuries, the world has become a more tranquil place for humans to live. Michael Green further explores this hypothesis by illustrating that the world over many years is becoming a better place for societies all over the world. Pinker is able to attract the audience into his presentation by starting out with big ideas and slowly moving into smaller and more detailed ideas that illustrate the level of violence is decreasing overtime. He also engages the audience in the beginning by showing a picture of the most disturbing concentration camp during the Holocaust. Michael Green starts his presentation by showing the audience the goals that the United Nations have come up with to continuously make the world a better place. Both speakers use logos, ethos, and pathos to engage the audience in their presentations.
The appeal to logos is meant to persuade the audience, in this case, that the speaker is knowledgeable in the topic of his speech. Both Pinker and Green achieve this goal because they draw historical facts and statistics from multiple different sources and time periods. Although the two speakers had similar, yet, different topics, they both established credibility with the use of specific facts. For…

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