The Goals Of The Civil War Essay examples

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The American civil started purely as a military effort with limited political objectives especially for the white community. By early 1861 white citizen’s main aim of the fight was to preserve the union and as well maintain a democratic republic. The north fought for reunification whereas the south fought for independence during the initial stages of the civil war. However, the war changed between 1862 and 1863 as a result of emancipation. It is believed that the war took a different course or different goals due to emancipation. The war turned into a political, economic, as well as social revolution. The following paper will describe how the goals of the civil war changed between 1861 and 1863.
Most union men joined the war in 1861 with an aim of fighting to preserve the union and maintain a democratic republic. President Lincoln initiated the civil war in 1861 stating to the people that they were fighting to preserve the union rather than the abolition of slavery. The white citizens were eager to fight for democracy, but most of them were not ready to lose their property (slaves). None of the whites would have joined the fight if they knew the main aim would be to abolish slavery. Abraham Lincoln despised slavery, but he knew that neither the north people, nor the border residents would support his civil war quest with one of the aims being the abolition of slavery. He never disclosed the goal and strategy of freeing the African American slaves…

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