The Glass Menagerie By Tennessee Williams Essay

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The Glass Menagerie is one the plays that Tennessee Williams is most known for. This story takes place with a gentlemen by the name of Tom reflecting back on his memories of his sister Laura and his mother Amanda. We watch as this story unfolds and how each of these characters interact with each other while they try to work though many personal and social problems. By exploring a few literary elements such as theme, symbol and characterization, you as the reader can understand the depth of each character in this memory play.
Escaping and dealing reality is one of the main personal and social problems each character faces while being the overall theme of this play. Tom the narrator, often dreams of leaving his family to travel and pursue writing. He deals with his current situation by staying out all hours of the night at the “movies.” His mother Amanda is constantly talking about her past and how many gentlemen callers she had. She is constantly trying to correct her adult children and ends up smothering them but claims she wants them to be as successful as they can be. She escapers her reality by not accepting the truth of what really happened to her husband by putting on an appearance that her family still lives a rich proper life. Laura the daughter and Tom’s sister is very quiet and shy due to her limp that she has. Her insecurity is so strong that she throws up in her college class and quits going while making her mother believe she is still attending. Laura escapes…

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