Essay on The Glass Menagerie By Tennessee Williams

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“The Glass Menagerie” by Tennessee Williams is an example of a classic tragedy. However, the characters in the drama do not encounter death. The characters encounter family instability, abandonment, and resentment. The title of this drama accurately represents these characters. Amanda, the mother of family, refers to her daughter Laura’s collection of glass figurines as a glass menagerie. This means her collection acts as a glass zoo filled with animal figurines. Yet, “The Glass Menagerie” could also mean a collection of diverse glass people. This definition would accurately describe the unusual and fragile characters this drama displays. The playwright’s unique view on the human condition is displayed through unique characters, symbolism, themes, soliloquy, aside, setting, and conflict.
Furthermore, “The Glass Menagerie” showcases the distinctive character of Tom Wingfield. The title of the play applies to his character because he is unique man with a passion for poetry and adventure stuck with the responsibility of a family. This responsibility makes him fragile because even after leaving his family the memories of his sister haunts him. Thus, Tom Wingfield is the protagonist of the play because he goes through the most change. He begins the play working his job at the shoe factory and supporting his mother and sister due to his father’s abandonment. In Scene 3, Tom fights with his mother and reveals he hates his job and that he would “rather somebody picked up a crowbar…

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