The Glass Menagerie By Tennessee Williams Essay

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Significance of Laura Wingfield The Glass Menagerie written by Tennessee Williams is a reflection on his real life conflicts. Laura Wingfield represents his real life sister who was disabled physically, but also emotionally. Laura plays a very shy and sensitive girl who does not speak a lot during the play but holds great significance for the overall meaning of the play. All of her own conflicts are added conflicts from other characters. She deals with her mother, Amanda, who is trying to relive her own early adulthood through her and her brother, Tom, who she is miserable with his own life. She carries the guilt that her brother cannot go follow his dreams and has to help take care of her because their father left the family. Laura Wingfield character is significant because her mother Amanda tries to relive her life through her, she holds Tom back from pursuing his dreams and how her emotional states represents the glass menagerie. Laura and her mother have a very conflicting relationship. Amanda wants to relive her life through Laura. Amanda wants her to be just like her but not make the same mistakes as her, like picking Tom and Laura’s father out of all of the men that Amanda had chasing her when she was younger. In scene 1, Tennessee Williams has Amanda tell her story about her experience, where she had seventeen gentlemen callers at one time and wants the same thing to happen to Laura. In scene 1, Tennessee Williams has dialogue between Amanda and her daughter…

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