Essay The Girl On The Train ' By Paula Hawkins

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' 'The Girl On The Train ' ' by Paula Hawkins is an number one national bestseller novel. The author wrote this novel with such detail and twists and turns, that it keeps you on your toes from the beginning to the end. Hawkins used Freud 's ' 'Psychoanalytic theory ' ' This theory has three parts the 'ID which is the first to develop, Ego second to develop, and finally Superego the last to develop ' all of three contribute to determining our personality. To get a better understanding we can compare it to the 'angel and devil ' on the shoulder when making a hard decision. The 'Id ' is the devil on the shoulder, it is the selfish part of you that thinks irrationally and tells you to 'just do it '. The 'Superego ' is the angel on the shoulder, the angel tells us to think 'what would people think about this ' 'what would your parent say? '. In the middle is the 'Ego ', the ego has to pick a side realistically and deal with the consequences. Using Freuds theory it give us a better understanding of the novel by Freud 's interpretation on dreams helping us understand Rachel 's bad dreams, the influence of the Id associated with alcohol abuse, and finally determining Anna 's twisted personality. ' 'Freud believes that a dream is an escape-hatch or safety-valve through which represses desires, fears, or memoires seek an outlet into the conscious mine ' ' (Psychoanalytic Criticism,4) Freud said that our dreams have hidden meanings behind them. In the novel Rachel is…

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