The Gettysburg Address By Abraham Lincoln Essay

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The “Gettysburg Address” delivered on November 19, 1863 by Abraham Lincoln was a dedication speech to the brave men who fought in the Gettysburg battle. The “Gettysburg Address” was given at the dedication ceremony of the Gettysburg memorial, made to honor those who had died fighting in the Civil War, trying to unite a nation that had split between the north and south. After three revisions, and hours of work, one of the most influential president’s in history delivered an articulately written speech. A speech that has gone down in history as an eloquent example of the rhetorical devices, and the execution of the rhetorical triangle created a connection amongst the audience and the President. The 16th President of the United States of America, who led America through a brutal Civil War, only to emerge the nation as a united and free land was a pronounced speaker. Abraham Lincoln was a seasoned politician, and President for 2 years. As the leader of a nation embroiled in a bloody civil war, his respectable manner and authoritative courage made him a formidable force that the nation rallied to. The articulate diction and literary devices, especially the use of the rhetorical triangle is evident in the “Gettysburg Address” and will be analyzed in this essay.
President Abraham Lincoln established his literary skills in previous speeches such as the “Emancipation Proclamation” and “A House Divided”. However, in the “Gettysburg Address” the President adds a new tone. Although the…

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