The, Germs, And Steel By Jared Diamond Essay

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Culture is important as it shapes our whole world and defines us. Culture enables us to survive, reproduce as a species, and expand our population. Culture is learned, shared, and symbolic. It is shared through dogmas, memories, and even values and expectations. It is learned the same way children absorb new information that is presented to them. In an unconscious and conscious learning process that is developed through interactions with others. Everybody possesses the ability to learn, to think in a symbolical form, to manipulate and modify language, and to create and use tools in order to adapt to their environment. Culture is very important, however, it does not matter according to Jared Diamond. In Guns, Germs, and Steel, Jared Diamond explains that in Eurasia, geographic elements have caused farming practices and the domestication of animals. He explains that the overpopulated cultures that developed had resulted in a complex form of government that increased risk to diseases. Guns Germs, and Steel claims that geography is the main reason for the expansion and spread of the European culture around the world. Instead of it being biological and social, Diamond states that geographic factors are the roots to European expansion. As he stated, “a genetic explanation isn’t the only possible answer to Yali’s question”(Diamond, 22). Cold climates, hot climates, humidity, and tropical climate are all effects to Europe’s changes geographically. Darwin’s theory came to mind when…

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