The Genes Of A Religion Essay

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The Genes of a Religion
The followers of Judaism and Christianity are considered “the People of the Book” by Muslims because of their almost genetic way of passing down and ‘mutating’ each other’s stories and scriptures–or ‘genes’–reaching Islam over the millennia. This way of referring to these groups implies that they treat each other like family, but they don’t always act as such. Current conflicts between Muslim extremists and the Jews that they kill or drive out of their newly seized lands have raised doubts about the moral compasses possessed by such extremists and how those beliefs could have descended from their Abrahamic ancestor (Pullella). In the realm of Judaism and Islam, the religious, moral compass’s magnetic north is weighted based on the definitions of sin, forgiveness, and salvation. The Encyclopedia of Religious and Spiritual Development defines sin as “a personal infraction of an external and objective law that results in separation from God and neighbor,” and continues to call forgiveness “the antidote to contritely repented sin,” (Clendenen 411-412). The same work also addresses the topic of salvation, saying, “The term salvation refers to freedom of the human race and/or the individual from evil,” (Dowling 395). Judaism and Islam, like many religions, share the dualities of villainy and virtue, heaven and hell, demons and angels, sin and salvation (or forgiveness), and these common traits accentuate just how similar yet different they both are. Both…

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