The Gay Science, Aphorism 125 : What Does It Mean? Essay

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The Gay Science, Aphorism 125: What does it mean to say “God is dead”? Was the madman right in fearing God 's death?
Answer: I don 't believe Nietzsche, through the madman, meant Yahweh (The Abrahamic god) had really died. It seems like the traditions of this god had died. The mad man "I seek God!" The, presumably atheists because they did not believe in the Abrahamic God, standing around jokingly asked him if his god had gone into hiding, or perhaps emigrated (10, aphorism 125). I think the madman 's answer is key here, however, as he says "we have killed him—you and I." Now atheists and some madman couldn 't have possibly killed some great, powerful deity, but what could they kill? They could contribute to the number of people who are not following Him, His traditions, or the moral guidelines that He helped put in place through men like Moses (Ex. 20, 1-17). God is just in charge of one specific set of moral authorities, the same way Buddha has his own, and it can easily be replaced. God is not dead, just his ideas, the traditions that stem from them, and any moral authority which His followers chose to here.
The moral authority created by monotheism (central around the Abrahamic God) has become quite expansive as monotheism has become increasingly popular throughout history. A whole lot of people are monotheistic and follow the moral guidelines or way of life that is laid down in their belief system. Their religion is the most important authority in a believer 's…

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