The Gates Of Dublin 's Glasnevin Cemetery Essay

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"It doesn’t matter who you are or what you are. Death is going to come to us all no matter what…we 're like a flower. We come up, we flourish, we die off. Another seed is sowed for a new plant to come up. And that 's the end of the story…" but what if there’s something beyond mortal life? What if ‘dead’ is a trivial concept and the soul lives on? These are only few of the many questions that linger worldwide, but most prominently behind the gates of Dublin 's Glasnevin Cemetery: a Cemetery in Ireland which holds as a domicile for people – of all ages and religions – in the ‘afterlife.’ Aoife Kelleher archives the souls of over a million Dubliners in her heart wrenching documentary One Million Dubliners. Glasnevin is not only a place of rest, but a place of history. Chief historian and tour guide Shane MacThomais states that the cemetery “is so vast that you could tell the whole story of Ireland 10 times over.” This is nowhere near an exaggeration as we are introduced to many renowned souls who lay at rest six feet under never to be disturbed; from Daniel O’Connell: a man who fought for the rights of Catholics to purchase ground in an open cemetery, to Luke Kelly: a prematurely deceased Irish musician and founder of the folk-band The Dubliners. However, the film also focuses on the rituals of the living and their connection with the deceased; this includes the jobs of grave diggers and cremators within the cemetery as well as a flower store who has an indirect connection…

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