Essay on The Fundamental Moral, Religious And Philosophical Issues

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According to philosopher and author Carlos F. Fraenkel it took meeting another culture that he began to realize just how deeply divided we are on the fundamental moral, religious and philosophical issues. After spending time studying in Cairo, Fraenkel befriended some Egyptians classmates and after a serious of discussions they all began to wonder and eventually question about each other’s way of life. This discussion ultimately began his quest an exploration how people cultures may be different, but that every culture want the same things out of life and how can each culture respect and honor each other truth as they know and live by. Fraenkel was bought up as an Atheist, his parents were Political refugees in Europe, but eventually settled in West Germany where he and his siblings were born. His German-Jewish grandparents were kicked out of Berlin by the Nazi’s and his grandfather was a communist from Brazil, who fought with Fidel Castro to overthrow the government. He grew up between Germany and Brazil never feeling at home in neither country. He was just a product of his environment, absorbing all of the culture as he was taught as a kid growing up. Per the article “Praise of the Clashes of Cultures” after getting into a debate between himself and his Egyptians friends regarding each other religion beliefs and cultures, he began to seriously reflect upon his upbringing, that maybe some of his basic convictions that he held on to be true maybe was flawed in…

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