Essay on The Freedom Ride Through Western New South Wales Towns

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In 1965 the freedom ride rode through western New South Wales towns as a way to draw attention to the racism that was absent. This was done by an Aboriginal student named Charles Perkins who drove a bus around protesting the discrimination against Aboriginal people in small towns in NSW. The freedom ride in Australia had a significant impact on Australians attitudes at that time towards indigenous rights. The main points being discussed will be how Charles Perkins and the Freedom Ride impacted society in the 1960’s.

The freedom ride was a way of exposing the discrimination against Aboriginals. Their purpose was to make people aware of this situation. There were arguments both for and against the Freedom Rides in 1965. Although it helped benefit the indigenous population, it was still a controversial affair that generated both praise and criticism from the Australian Public. The students planned to draw public attention to the poor state of Aboriginal health, education and housing. They hoped to point out and help to lessen the socially discriminatory barriers which existed between Aboriginal and white residents. And they also wished to encourage and support Aboriginal people themselves to resist discrimination. The freedom ride helped generate publicity for the Aboriginal equality movement. This led to public pressure on the government therefore making them act upon the discrimination. This exposed the distinct discrimination that was present in the towns and cities. It…

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